The best restaurant in town

The restaurant that offers special treats for people on a diet. Whether you're crazy for Atkin's, watching your points, or doing Dukan, you don't need to stay in and suffer - here at Skinny Lizzie's we can give you a great night out without ruining your diet.

We specialise in delicious food...

  • Raspberries with choc mousse: 90 cals
  • Super curry, fat free, plenty of taste
  • Only the finest quality organic ingredients
  • Guilt-free food
  • Negative calorie soup
  • Meat platter - meat, meat and salami

We are also happy to cater for people who are on special diets, such as gluten-free, diabetic, and lactose free. In fact our chefs just love a challenge!

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"Thanks for making my party such a success, the food was quite fabulous!"

Call us on 0114 488 633 for a great meal and A list service!

page last updated on 21/03/2018

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